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Renaud Fulconis Director - Founder

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Awely, Wildlife and People is an international organisation based in France, founded and directed by Renaud Fulconis. For more than ten years, we have been working to protect endangered wildlife and to improve the lives of local communities in Africa and in Asia.

In all of our programmes, we place men and women at the heart of our work, because we believe that improving the situation of impoverished people who live in close contact with animals is the only way to make an effective long-term contribution to biodiversity conservation.

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Awely, Tigers and People

A big step forward for the conservation of this highly endangered species

Created in 2015, the Awely, Tigers and People initiative aims to extend our work to aid tigers through new collaborations with organisations that work for the protection of these emblematic animals, of which there are now fewer than 4 000 remaining individuals. In addition to our community-based programme in Nepal, we now carry out actions that fight against poaching Bangladesh, conduct research in India and provide public-awareness and educational campaigns in Vietnam.

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