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With many small donations, we can do big things! Your generosity and support enable us to improve the lives of thousands of people, animals, species and ecosystems.

You can support us with a donation of just a few euros or a larger amount, or choose to make a monthly donation*. Donate * You benefit from a tax reduction to the value of 66% of the amount donated, for amounts of up to 20% of your taxable income. Our accounts are audited each year by a chartered accountant and can be consulted on request.



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Joining us on social networks shows your support for the safeguard of endangered species and for the reduction of poverty in southern countries. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. By signing up, inviting your friends to follow us, and by sharing, you can keep up-to-date with news about wildlife and the threats facing them, as well as finding out about what we are currently doing out in the field to reverse this trend.

Other ways to get involved

• Tell your friends and family about us • Talk about us to your company and pass on our partnership leaflet Dowload the partnership leaflet

And why not form a partnership?

Awely, Animals and People is already supported by a number of partners who continue to put their trust in us. By joining with us, you make a tangible contribution to the protection of our planet and that of animals and villagers in a win-win partnership. Find out more