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About our organisation and our environment

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How is it possible to protect endangered species when our planet's human population is growing day after day? Who is the bonobo, this fascinating species with whom we share 98% of our DNA? Our seminars are tailored to your needs and give you exclusive information based on more than 15 years of experience in the field. Find out more

Our Annual Reports

Annual Report 2015-2016
awely_ra2014-2-enAnnual Report 2014-2015
awely_ra2014-2-enAnnual Report 2013-2014

Amongst our educational tools

Field booklets

Field booklet Zambia Prog.
Field booklet Nepal Prog.
Field booklet RDC Prog.

Human-wildlife conflict toolkit

boite-outils-fauneHWC Toolbox - Fauna Booklet
boite-outils-conflitHWC Toolbox - Conflits Booklet
boite-outils-solutionsHWC Toolbox - Solutions Booklet


Poster - Awely, Tigers and People
Poster - Awely, Tigers and People
Poster - DR of Congo
Poster - Zambia
Poster - Zambia
Poster - Chilli Zambia
Poster - Chilli Zambia


Film Prog. Nepal Bardia
film-polylepisDiscovering the Polylepis


Bonobos Conservation and development: WAZA