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Awely, fighting against illegal wildlife trade

19 February 2016

As the largest illicit economy after drug and arms dealing, wildlife trafficking is exacerbated by weak penalties for offences and the considerable profits it generates. It is estimated that the trade is worth between 10 and 20 billion dollars every year.

An infinite number of species are affected, the most typical being rhinoceroses killed for their horns, elephants for their ivory, and tigers for their bones, teeth, skins, claws and penises…

Médecine traditionnelle chinoise contenant des extraits d'os de tigre

A small proportion of these illegally trafficked items are seized by the authorities, particularly in ports and airports. The teams from the US Fish and Wildlife Service are responsible for doing this in the United States. The seized items are then destroyed or stored there, in this centre near Denver. Renaud Fulconis, Director of Awely, recently visited this facility during filming for the 60-minute programme, ‘Reportages’ on TF1, produced by “Les Productions du moment”.

Os d'éléphant décoré

Peaux d'éléphants