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Manas Tiger Conservation Project is developing

7 July 2017

Awelys Programme Director Eva Gross is currently visiting our Green Caps Manas project, which is part of the “Manas Tiger Conservation Programme” carried out by Aaranyak, in cooperation with Awely, Panthera and the WCT, supported by IUCN and KfW.

The project is aiming at reducing the anthropogenic pressure in the Manas National park and its adjacent conservation areas – a core habitat for tigers. Enabling local communities to improve their livelihoods and at the same time decrease their dependency on the natural resources of the tiger habitat is the objective of the project.


So far, three tree nurseries have been set up with a capacity of up to 150.000 saplings, 300 energy saving stoves have been constructed, 1500 piglets and goats have been distributed and multiple other income generation schemes have been started; a great achievement for the first project phase.