Lou Lecuyer

Committee Member

Interdisciplinary doctoral student at Sherbrook university in Quebec, Lou works to improve relationships between groups of stakeholders affected by management of the jaguar in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. As well as being fascinated by wildlife, she is also interested in learning about other people. During her first project, which was focused on how farmers and shepherds perceived actions for the reintroduction of wolves in the Vercors Nature Reserve, she particularly remembers one shepherd’s remark: “today, everybody points the finger saying that I’m someone who doesn’t like nature because I don’t want to work with the wolf, but why do you think that I do this job?”. The words of this shepherd — who spends four months of each year, alone in mountain pastures, completely surrounded by nature — reinforced Lou’s desire to fight against the stereotypes generated in debates concerning the protection of the environment.

After further experience including working for the protection of amphibians in the Alps and elephants in Indonesia, she is convinced that the long-term protection of the environment depends on gaining a better understanding of the points of view and needs of the range of actors involved. That’s why she has joined forces with Awely and hopes to concentrate on mitigating conflict through improving dialogue and empathy between individuals.

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