Renaud Fulconis

Director - Founder

Renaud spent more than ten years completing numerous sporting expeditions such as swimming the length of the Loire river and the Maroni in French Guyana, and mountain biking, solo, across the deserts of Australia. Each of his adventures was followed by a series of conferences recounting the experience. During these expeditions Renaud was constantly struck by the amazing beauty and fragility of our planet. He went on to work a first time at Amneville Zoo as education and conservation coordinator, before heading up the EAZA European Zoo campaign for rhinoceroses, with the organisation Save the Rhino International, in London, which raised over €700 000 for projects in Africa and Asia.

Renaud, Awely’s founder, directs the organisation’s actions while being conservation manager for Amneville Zoo. He works tirelessly to ensure that humans are placed the centre of Awely’s actions for wildlife conservation, taking as much interest in geopolitical and development issues as he does in threats to biodiversity. Renaud is a trustee on the boards of the Bonobo Jeans Foundation and of the Ecoan organisation, based in Cusco in Peru, and is a member of the selection committee for the Small Initiatives Programme of the IUCN.

Travel essentials: My photography equipment, iphone and books

“One flew over the cuckoo's nest”, “The lives of others” and “Mommy”

Arcade Fire, Sigur Rós, Patrick Watson

J. Diamond, N. Chomsky, R. Dawkins, H. Mankell and Ishmaël by D. Quinn

“I never lose; either I win, or I learn.” N. Mandela