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Our seminars

Sharing our knowledge and experience

Do you represent a business, town council or other organisation? If so, Awely can provide seminars, talks and presentations for your annual meetings, dinners and events. You can choose between two themes, both linked to the work that we carry out for animals and for local communities across our programmes:

Wildlife conservation and development

How best to protect endangered species in a world of ever-increasing human populations.
This seminar provides insights into the current situation for biodiversity and conservation, as well as using examples of Awely’s work to demonstrate why poverty reduction should be considered an essential conservation tool. You can be “transported” across the globe to places where villagers struggle to protect their crops from elephants and rhinos, and to the forests where more bonobos, our closest cousins, are disappearing year after year.

The bonobo, our closest cousin

Get to know this fascinating species. This great ape from the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo shares more that 98% of human genetic makeup, recognises itself in the mirror, mates facing its partner, kisses with tongues, uses sex to resolve group conflicts, and never ceases to surprise us. Discover the surprising behaviours of our animal cousins, whose survival is under threat from hunting and the destruction of their habitat. Finally, find out about the work that Awely does for their protection, in the Congo, where former bonobo hunters are becoming livestock farmers and women who once sold bushmeat are creating small business.

Length of session:

Presentation length: 40-75 minutes, depending on your requirements.


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