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Support our work by forming a winning partnership with Awely

We give real meaning to our values by taking action for the protection of our planet.

By building a partnership with Awely, Animals and People, you help protect wildlife and ecosystems, and contribute to reducing poverty in Africa, in Asia, and in South America. A partnership with Awely also demonstrates your commitment towards a responsible and sustainable initiative to your employees, clients and other audiences.
For each euro donated to Awely, only ten cents go towards our operating costs, and 90 cents are allocated to our projects. Furthermore, if you are based in France, you can benefit from a tax deduction equal to 60% of your donation.
Be they businesses, foundations or associations, many partners already support our organisation. They put their trust in us and contribute to projects that are a good match for their objectives.
Our partners

Why join us?

• To support the protection of biodiversity, and in particular, to safeguard a large number of endangered species;
• To support social and economic development in the Global South, and to help reduce poverty;
• To support sustainable development that has conservation of biodiversity at its core;
• To communicate your involvement through linking your name with ours;
• To display this commitment to your customers, your employees, your teams;
• To be acknowledged and appreciated in our various communications, both here and in the field;
• To support an international organisation, based in France, with which you share the ethics and core values.
• To support a responsible, dedicated organisation and to be associated with its results as part of win-win partnership. *
*Shared interests will be identified in an introductory meeting

For more information, email us at or call us on +33 (0)2 38 54 24 94.
You can also click here to contact us.
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Our partners

They support us and take action for the protection of our planet

Amneville Zoo

Founded in 1986, Amneville Zoo (in north-eastern France) is independent and privately owned. Over time, it has become one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe, covering 17 hectares which are home to 2 000 animals from five continents and 360 different species. It welcomes more than 600 000 visitors each year. Recent installations (for polar bears, sea lions and gorillas) are impressive in both their size and quality. Many educational activities are available, as well as three big playful and educational shows (free-flying birds of prey, seals, parrots). Each year, Amneville Zoo allocates a large budget (more than €610 000 in 2015) to support more than twenty site-specific conservation programs throughout the world.

Why do we support Awely?

“To be efficient over the long term, a conservation program must consider the needs of the local people, who are often extremely poor, and who live very closely with animals. In this respect, Awely is a unique organisation: offering educational and awareness-raising programmes, directly connecting local groups to conservation programmes, mitigating human-wildlife conflicts, and fighting poaching by proposing sustainable alternatives. These are among the reasons motivating our commitment to Awely since its very creation.”


Bonobo Jeans Fondation

Denim store for men and women since 2006, Bonobo’s 370 outlets offer affordable jeans to a generation that is open-minded, optimistic and committed. Bonobo has developed a “new jeans spirit” that champions the values of respect and harmony between men, women and their environments. Since 2009, through the Jeans Foundation, Bonobo has supported sustainable development initiatives that enable people living in poverty to earn a sustainable income and live independent lives. The foundation has a broad reach, which means that it’s able to highlight the work of organisations that privilege action over marketing, such as Awely.

Why do we support Awely?

“Supporting Awely’s work for conservation of wild bonobo populations was an obvious choice from the outset, because our brand name and the values of Bonobo Jeans are directly inspired by these extraordinary creatures. Over the years, this work has brought about positive changes within target communities in the DRC, thanks to community awareness-raising actions and the development of economic initiatives that have replaced poaching with sustainable alternatives. In addition, when Bonobo staff share news of our partnership with Awely, our customers recognise the strength of our genuine commitment to action.”


Le Pal Nature Foundation

The Le Pal Nature Foundation is dedicated to preserving biodiversity everywhere in the world. It initiates and gives ongoing assistance to projects by providing financial, technical and human support, in France and elsewhere. In so doing, they offer long-term solutions to threats to biodiversity, in particular focusing on endangered wildlife and its environment.

Why do we support Awely?

“The Le Pal Nature Foundation supports Awely because it agrees wholeheartedly with Awely’s approach of putting people at the very core of its activities. Far from imposing environmental-protection measures on populations living in programme areas, enormous efforts are made to help the villagers determine their own projects, so that they can improve their lives while respecting the biodiversity around them. In this way Awely contributes to human welfare, the preservation of wildlife and its native habitat.”


Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde is a creator and distributor of furnishings and decorative items, selling products in a range of different styles. Our commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility are structured around four pillars: purchase like partners, design like visionaries, trade as world citizens and commit with passion. Human relationships are right at the centre of our approach: we give ongoing support to suppliers and raise awareness amongst our partners so that every person can play their part.

Why do we support Awely?

“We first supported Awely through its project in Bardia, Nepal, then in South Luangwa in Zambia. Awely works closely with local organisations that truly understand the needs of local populations. The programmes are innovative, such as developing test crops of aromatic plants around the edges of traditional crops to act as natural barriers against elephants. Awely is an ideal partner for organising our solidarity leave and raising awareness amongst our team about a different, tangible approach to conservation.”


Natura Artis Magistra

Artis Royal Zoo, located in the centre of Amsterdam, was the first zoo to be established in the Netherlands. It is a place where nature and cultural heritage come together, where stories have been written since 1838 and where new stories are created daily. Experience them for yourself. Admire the tropical fish in the Aquarium — one of the many historical monuments at the Zoo. Travel through time in the Planetarium. Enjoy the giraffes. See them gallop amongst the zebra, springbok, oryx and wildebeest. Walk through the historical Bird House and study the numerous species of free-flying birds. Be amazed by the diversity of animals that share the tropical forest in the newly renovated Forest House. Every leaf, every tree, every animal, every building and exhibit tells its own story — a new one every day.

Why do we support Awely?

“Artis Royal Zoo supports Awely because the two organizations share a valuable main objective: inspiring people to love and care for nature. As the relationship between man and nature is deteriorating alarmingly, only by recognising and understanding the strong connection between man and nature can we slow this devastating process. Awely, like Artis, provides insight into the connection between man and nature and invites people to use this interconnectedness as a guide for their actions. This can’t be achieved by focusing exclusively on either man or nature alone, or by just placing the blame on man or nature. It can only be achieved through a strong focus on both man and nature, because the solution lies within the relationship between the two.”


Eco-Sys Action

Eco-Sys Action Foundation, based in Hong Kong, works to safeguard endangered species through helping populations find ways of benefiting from their environment in a sustainable way, in order to better protect it. Eco-Sys Action Foundation helps dynamic organisations that work closely with communities to carry out educational, social and economic initiatives in zones where biodiversity is in need of protection.

Our mascot is Boopy, the orange eco-detective sparrow who travels around the globe to meet children and animals. He’s a symbol of hope and strength for those thousands of children who are today’s hope and tomorrow’s decision makers.

Why do we support Awely?

“Awely is unique in taking a human approach, in which the team always seek out a balance between humans and animals. Eco-Sys Action considers Awely to be a dynamic leader in modern conservation, with its serious determination, technological expertise, and intelligent implementation of programmes. Its pedagogical booklets are a wellspring of vital information for teachers and children. Thanks to Awely’s diligent control over general expenditures and its transparent financial management, Eco-Sys Action has the assurance that every euro given to Awely is properly used.”


La Palmyre Zoo

Nestled at the heart of the Côte de Beauté coastline and the beaches of the Charente-Maritime region, a stone’s throw from the town of Royan, the la Palmyre Zoo is one of Europe’s most famous zoological parks. Its shaded pathways, winding through 18 hectares of magnificent pine forest, are home to more than 1 600 mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, welcoming almost 70 000 visitors each year, and it plays an important role in the preservation of endangered species by participating in over 40 European Breeding Programmes and financing more than fifteen conservation programmes in the wild: for golden lion tamarins in Brazil, gorillas in Nigeria and Cameroon, leopards in Iran, lemurs in Madagascar, African penguins in South Africa, and elephants and orangutans in Borneo.

Why do we support Awely?

“The conservation model developed by Awley, in which local communities are systematically involved in conservation programmes, means that humans become stakeholders in environmental protection. This ensures that the programmes can be sustained in the long term, thus securing a future for the species concerned. In return, communities benefit from tangible assistance to minimise the effects of conflicts with wildlife and to improve their daily lives through setting up alternative income-generating activities. Education, another of Awely’s trademark approaches, contributes to helping change attitudes to wildlife and encourages the long-term conservation of species whose populations have become weak in their natural habitats. We believe that this type of model is the most effective way of protecting species, and that’s why we support Awely.”